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H I L D A  R A M O S  


F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"En el rol titular, la soprano puertorriqueña Hilda Ramos, carismática, pisó el escenario con la garra necesaria para el papel y fue intensificando su actuación conforme el dramatismo iba en aumento. Mostró una voz plena y hermosa con una expresividad de gran sensibilidad y emoción."

-Alejandro Fernandez,  MONTERREY, MEXICO


“Hilda Ramos tiene la ventaja de la experiencia. Su Amapola tuvo toda la gracia que la exuberante cantante sabe conjurar”

-Luis Hernández Mergal,  EL NUEVO DIA


"Soprano Hilda Ramos was passionate, charming and wonderful! Standing ovation lasted five minutes at least."

- Risa Kell


"Special kudos to the beautiful and gifted Hilda Ramos, who displayed not only an amazing vocal virtuosity but also exceptional acting skills in her sensitive and utterly believable portrayal of Madame Butterfly."

-Tish Lowe  


"Nedda also has a fairly familiar first-act aria with the lolting "Ballatella" in which she sings a happy song to the birds. The aria has a good deal of vocal coloration and got that from Hilda Ramos. She has a clear, strong, lovely soprano, a she made a fetching Nedda and with her looks, voice and acting ability,she will keep shooting up. One rather hopes she will return soon to Shreveport Opera".

— The Times


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